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Versatile, Expandable and Compact: 1-Infeed, 1-Outfeed Palletizer

At the end of the line, space is at a premium and absolute speed is required. Sprinter Series Palletizers provide the palletizing performance required to meet the most demanding throughput requirements, while maintaining a small and serviceable footprint.

Through configurable features that can accommodate up to 2 infeeds and build stations, the Sprinter Platform casts a sweeping technology net that covers the needs of manufacturers ranging from small to large scale production. With each base configuration type, IAS features the ability to add, remove, or upgrade major system components.

Product Types:

Bags, Cartons, Crates, Shrink Packs, Trays, Drums/Barrels

Max Product Weight:

150 lbs.

Picks Per Minute:




Palletizing Stations:


Robotic Equipment:

MPL-Series Robot; DX200 Controller


  • Stretch Wrapping
  • Mixed Pallets
  • Rent/Lease Option
  • Pallet Stacking
  • Label-Face Orientation
  • Pallet Dispensing
  • Slipsheet Insertion
  • Non-standard Pallets
  • HMI
  • Functional Safety Unit (FSU)


2 Infeeds, 2 Build Stations, PalletSolver Software, PLC-Integrated, Smart Conveyors, Partial Layer Forming, Multi-Zone Gripper, Offline Programming, Custom EOAT


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