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Motoman MPL160-II Robot with Pallet Rack and Lantech Stretch Wrapper

Custom Metal Designs, Inc. can help your company achieve cost savings goals with the implementation of Robotic Automation. We have teamed up with Yaskawa Motoman to provide robotic solutions for case packing, palletizing and general automation solutions.

Our product line also consists of table top conveyor, cable conveyors, incline conveyors, semi & auto baggers, semi & auto debaggers. We are manufacturers, we design and build our solutions in-house.

Product Types:

bags, bottles, cartons, cases, shrink packs, trays, drums/barrels

Max Product Weight:

200 lbs.

Picks Per Minute:




Palletizing Stations:


Robotic Equipment:

  • MPL-Series Robot
  • DX200 Controller
  • PalletSolver Software
  • Vacuum Gripper

Functional Features:

  • Pallet Stacking
  • Stretch Wrapping
  • Pallet Dispensing
  • Pallet Rack
  • Pallet Squaring Device
  • Pallet Hook

Technical Features:

  • PLC-Integrated
  • Custom EOAT
  • Functional Safety (FSU)
  • Partial Layer Forming
  • HMI
  • Smart Conveyors


Additional Loading Zones, Slipsheet insertion, Multi-zone gripper, MLX-PLC Base Controller, Additional EOAT (vacuum, clamp, fork), 


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