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The Top Robot Palletizer Solutions

Browse and compare palletizing systems from Yaskawa Motoman's top robotic integrators and OEMs for packaging automation.

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Find a system that fits your packaging type, infeed lines and other options designed to make robotic palletizing simple, safe and productive.

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ARBOT 1000-Series Palletizer

The Arbot is a pre-engineered robotic palletizing cell that automatically stacks and wraps pallets to exact specifications. It consists of a... More Info


The ARBOT Series is an efficient end-of-the-line solution ideal for handling cases, trays and many other products. The Automatic Robotic Palletizer... More Info

CMD/Motoman Case Palletizer

The CMD/Motoman Case Palletizer is ideal for palletizing cases, bottle-in-box, or bundle cases. Standard features include tray carts, separator sheet... More Info

CMD/Motoman Robotic Palletizer

Motoman MPL160-II with Pallet Rack and Lantech Stretch Wrapper More Info

DPPS-CPS Palletizing System

ALL DPPS CPS palletizing solutions are designed with you in mind. They have one thing in common and that is they are all simple in design and... More Info

Dual-Line VersaPal

This highly flexible and versatile palletizing system is fully integrated with our Automated Motion A/B PLC control system, which enables Automated... More Info

Hamer RPM

Hamer fully automated palletizing systems utilize automatic in-feed conveyors to pace product in-feed to the pick-and-place palletizing station. More Info

Hamer RPM Basic

The Hamer RPM Basic™ features the all new Yaskawa MPL-100II 5 axis robotic arm. RPM Basic ™ makes semi-automatic or fully automatic palletizing even... More Info


i-Pal has been created to earn your company money. Just plug it in and it never stops working. With its short delivery time of only 14 weeks, it is... More Info

Promation Bag Palletizer

Promation Industrial engineers, manufactures & integrates palletizing solutions to meet customer requirements. We utilize advanced technology and... More Info

RPM High-Speed Palletizer

Hamer-Fischbein design engineering in concert with Yaskawa development engineering has developed the first ever true high speed, 26-28 Bag per minute... More Info

Sprinter Series 1-1

The Sprinter Series 1-1 is a Versatile, Expandable and Compact: 1-Infeed, 1-Outfeed Palletizer from IAS, Inc. Sprinter Series Palletizers provide the... More Info